"FEWnet has created the opportunity for nine women to offer each other personal and professional support. Our group discussions have ranged from women in the workplace to corporate restructuring to great restaurants and vacations. I'm thrilled that Certes had the foresight to recognize the need for FEWnet and the energy around getting us started. Thanks!"
Groups of six to 12 financial women leaders meet on a monthly or quarterly basis for breakfast or lunch.
The absolute confidentiality of the networking group allows for an open, empathetic, and consultative approach to sharing and solving day-to-day issues. Group facilitators help to stimulate conversation while providing opportunities for active participation from all members. Collaborative and lively, we believe that these regular, face to face networking opportunities best capture the spirit of FEWnet.
The nonthreatening and open atmosphere, combined with private settings, allow for candid discussions often times not available within the typical internal organization.

Topics may include:
. How do I manage, motivate, and discipline the newer generation of workers?
. Where can I get examples of an RFP?
. What's the best book everyone's been reading lately?
. Challenges, rewards, and tips for outsourcing at the local and international levels.
The diversity of our networking groups allow FEWnet members to share and learn from a variety of unique view points and experience levels. Topics promote creative, strategic, and fulfilling problem solving. Members leave meetings with a fresh perspective on an issue, contact information for a specific need, or maybe a dynamite resume for that hard to fill position you've been struggling to fill. Small group participation also gains you access to our LinkedIn discussion group as well as invitations to our bi-annual small group socials.

FEWnet has many small groups currently meeting around the Metro area. Join us! We'd love to get you connected to other women in our industry.